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Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Saves Client from Jail

Our Riverside criminal defense attorney, Mr. Davitt, was in court today with a typical sticky situation. We were defending our client on a relatively easy hit and run case, when it came to the attention of the district attorney that our client was on probation for a Riverside DUI in 2011. The District Attorney began to immediately threaten jail time as a result of the violation of probation resulting from the Hit and Run. At times like these that your want a skilled criminal defense attorney representing you.

Wanting desperately for our client to avoid jail, criminal defense attorney, Davitt, broke the case down through careful analysis. After scouring the evidence carefully, our Riverside criminal defense attorney was able to find a hole in the state’s case against our client. Mr. Davitt was able to point out to the D.A. that he was unable to positively identify our client as the driver of the vehicle. Mr. Davitt was able to point out 2 other potential drivers. Our criminal defense attorneys in Riverside, used this weakness in the State’s case to negotiate for a plea bargain that avoided jail entirely for our client.

If you ever find your self facing criminal charges in Riverside County, you will want to hire an experienced attorney who understands how to analyze cases and create a defense that will help you avoid jail. This exactly what we do. Don’t trust just any defense attorney, contact the Riverside Criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Earl Carter.