Have you been accused of welfare fraud? The government comes down hard on people they feel are stealing from the system. If convicted, you could go to jail. You need a welfare fraud defense attorney who will protect your rights.

Our defense attorneys resolve welfare fraud allegations.
Whether the welfare fraud charges are valid or not, you need an attorney who has experience helping people charged with welfare fraud.

If you feel you are innocent, you need a lawyer who will examine the facts and fight for a dismissal of all charges.
If you did take money (either all or part of what you are accused of taking), you need a lawyer who will work to keep you out of jail by arranging alternative sentencing.
Call a welfare fraud defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates. Tell him about the charges against you and the circumstances that led to those charges. It doesn’t cost anything to call and get a quote for your particular case. We believe that everyone is entitled to an affordable defense lawyer.