Sometimes law enforcement becomes so determined to arrest people that they entice or entrap people into crimes they may not have committed under other circumstances. There can be a fine line between a legitimate law enforcement “sting” and entrapment. At Earl Carter & Associates, our attorneys have the experience to recognize police entrapment and defend you.

Did you feel entrapped? Call an entrapment attorney.
When you talk to an entrapment lawyer at Earl Carter & Associates about your arrest, tell us about the circumstances that led to the arrest.

Sex Crimes Entrapment:
Did an undercover police officer talk you into solicitation? Would you have committed the crime in any other circumstances?

Party line entrapment:
Did an Internet party line lead you into a gun crime or drug crime? Was the line monitored by (or run by) the police?

Internet Crimes:
Were you on an Internet site that invited you to meet an underage person for sex? Did you go to the meeting to find that it had been set up by the police?
In some cases, our entrapment attorneys represent clients who changed their minds before engaging in a criminal act and then were arrested anyway. In other cases, their clients only acted because they were invited to. If your case does not reach the legal definition of entrapment, it could provide mitigating circumstances that keep you out of jail. Talk to an entrapment defense lawyer today.