Assault and battery are often accompanied with jail time if you are found guilty. If you are facing assault charges, domestic violence charges, or other violent crime charges, you need a defense lawyer who is experienced and responsive. You can count on our attorneys to be there in court with you and to help you through this problem.

Our team of defense lawyers will be on your side.

When you hire an Earl Carter & Associates attorney, our defense team will consult about your case so that you will have the experience of many lawyers on your side.

The team will investigate the case

Our in-house investigators will examine the evidence, review the police reports, and talk to witnesses. Your defense team will have all the facts of the case, including evidence they may uncover.

The team will defend you.

Depending on the facts of the case, we will ask for a dismissal of the charges, work for reduced charges, or negotiate a resolution that protects your freedom and your future as much as possible.

The team will protect your rights. Your assault and battery defense lawyers will protect your rights at all times.