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Six Reasons We Are The Best Choice for an Aggressive San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney

Earl Carter has been practicing Criminal Defense in California for over three decades. This experience gives us a decided advantage.

We are highly effective at helping our clients avoid jail through, acquittals, reductions in penalties, or sentencing arrangement involving jail alternatives such as house arrest.

If you hire us, you may never have to appear in court. In many cases, we are able to appear in court on behalf of our clients.

We have handled more criminal cases in San Jose over the past several years than any other criminal defense law firm.

We are in your San Jose County Court almost every day. We are most certainly familiar with the District Attorneys and Judges involved in your particular case.

Our fees are among the lowest you will find. In addition, we offer flexible payment plans for those who need it.

San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney from $695

Undergoing criminal prosecution in San Jose can be a frightening experience. If you, or someone you love, are facing criminal prosecution, you need an attorney with experience to fight for you. Earl Carter has been defending clients against criminal charges for over 35 years.

5 Reasons to Contact Us Today!

  • Avoid Jail
  • Let Us, keep you out of court
  • Let Us, fight to keep your record clean
  • Our fees are affordable – Payment Plans Available
  • Earl Carter Has Over 35 Years of Experience in California

San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney

Being criminally prosecuted in San Jose County can be terrifying. If you, or someone you know, are being charged with a crime you will need an experienced attorney to defend your case. That’s where we come in. Earl Carter has been practicing criminal defense in California for over 35 years. This experience gives us an upper hand when it comes to defending your case. Our attorneys are ready and waiting to fight for you to call and get us on the case. We have years of experience defending clients and keeping them out of jail. Put our experience to good use and keep yourself out of jail by contacting an Earl Carter attorey today.

Stay Out of Jail – Our Experienced San Jose Criminal Lawyer Will Fight For You!

For most people, the most important goal of the case is to stay out of jail. Fortunately, our attorneys are very skilled at keeping people out of jail. We know how to work with the courts to get you acquitted, your charges or penalties, reduced, or arrange alternative sentencing. What we can do depends on the case. Felonies may be reduced to misdemeanors, and misdemeanors reduced to infractions. In cases where conviction is entirely unavoidable, our attorneys excel at working out alternate sentencing such as house arrest. Avoid jail by calling today to get our attorneys started on your case.

Avoid Going To Court. Our San Jose Criminal Attorney Will Go For You

Going to court gets costly. Not only does it force you to take time off of work, but it also inflicts severe amounts of stress. Fortunately for you, none of that is necessary. In most cases, we can appear in court for you. That way you don’t have to miss a single day of work and you can continue your days with less stress. Avoid the stress and time costs of court by calling an Earl Carter criminal defense attorney today. Our attorneys are excellent at representing clients in court while they resume daily routines. Put our attorneys’ years of experience to use by calling today.

Our San Jose Attorneys Handle All Types of Cases

Our criminal defense attorneys handle all sorts of cases. No case is too big or too small. We handle felonies, misdemeanors, and even infractions. We excel in divorce, drug cases, theft crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence, traffic cases, DUI, and all other criminal practices. Whether you’re facing homocide charges or minor traffic cases, call today and we can help. Our attorneys’ experience is ready for you.

Reduce or Expunge Criminal Defense Charges – Keep Your Record Clean!

A criminal record can have some devastating effects and is therefore one of the most common concerns associated with fighting a criminal prosecution. If you are being charged with a crime, it is extremely important that you do everything you can to minimize the impact on your record. One of our experienced San Jose criminal defense attorneys may be able to help you. Our attorneys are excellent at minimizing marks on a criminal record. We fight to get charges dismissed, or reduced where appropriate, to get felonies reduced to misdemeanors, and misdemeanors reduced to infractions. We can also often go back over cases after the fact and get your records expunged, or cleaned.

Earl Carter & Associates San Jose California

The criminal lawyers at Earl Carter & Associates have been defending criminal cases in CA for over 35 years. Their experience and knowledge encompasses all criminal defense practice areas including dui, drug crimes, welfare fraud, domestic violence, traffic, tickets, and more. Earl Carter is the best San Jose Criminal Attorney and their criminal defense lawyers will aggressively fight your case

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The Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates are located in the heart of San Jose CA to conveniently defend you against your Criminal, DUI and various other cases. We are the premier defense attorneys in Santa Clara County with years of Experience & thousands of satisfied clients. Tell us how we can help you, and call us today for a Free Consultation at (800) 500-5342. If you would just like to learn more about our services, take a look and browse below..

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