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Earl Carter has been Defending Domestic Violence convictions and allegations in Riverside since 1975. This local experience gives us a decided advantage.

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Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney

There are two primary penal code sections that are used in charging individuals with domestic violence in the state of California. These are California Penal Code section 243(e)1, and section 273.5. Section 243(e)1 refers to domestic battery. The domestic aspects of this charge mean that the battery that is alleged to have occurred, took place between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, cohabitants, or otherwise romantically involved individuals.

A battery refers to non-consensual physical contact. Technically, this touching of another can be very slight. To constitute a battery, there need not be a punching or other violent contact. Pushing, or grabbing of one’s body, in any way, may be sufficient, if it is was not consented to. Further, there is no need for a scratch, bruise, or other visible physical injury in order to establish that a battery occurred. The testimony of a witness indicating that a touching occurred can be enough to trigger an arrest for domestic violence.

Because of how little contact is required to constitute a battery, these charges can alleged against an individual fairly easily. However, the flip side of this is that the evidence in these cases can be very thin and subject to a defense. This is why it is so critical that you hire an experienced Riverside domestic violence attorney or domestic violence lawyer, if you are facing these charges. Our team of domestic violence has been defending wrongfully accused individuals for years. We know exactly how to attack these cases to ensure that no innocent client is convicted.

Section 273.5 of the California Penal Code refers to the intentional infliction of injury upon a spouse or cohabitant. This is the more serious of the domestic violence sections used in California, and is often charged as a felony. Typically this charge is brought when the alleged victim has physical injuries and when it appears that those injuries were brought about intentionally. This is a very serious charge and can result in a defendant going to state prison. If you our someone you love is facing this charge, they will urgently need an experienced criminal defense attorney with years of experience defending domestic violence charges to help them. Fortunately, we are in the Riverside courts daily, fighting domestic violence charges. Our team of domestic violence lawyers has a remarkable record of getting domestic violence charges reduced, dismissed, or beaten at trial. If you are facing domestic violence charges, Let our Riverside Domestic Violence Attorneys help you.

What happens when you are accused violating California’s Domestic Violence law?

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be harsh. If you find yourself facing domestic violence charges you will need an experienced domestic violence attorney to fight for you. Fortunately, these types of charges can be reduced to a less serious charge or dropped all together under certain circumstances. Contact our highly experienced Riverside Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys today so that you can have exceptional legal representation. Hiring the right domestic violence lawyer can mean the difference between winning your case, or going to jail. Call us today.

A Riverside Domestic Violence Lawyer May Be Able To Prevent A Conviction

Being convicted of domestic violence can result in jail time, or even prison. In addition to possible jail time, a domestic violence conviction often results in a year of anger management classes and being placed on 3 years of probation. Further, Under the California Family Code, one who is convicted of domestic violence is presumed unfit for custody of their children. The good news is that an experienced Riverside Domestic Violence attorney can fight these charges. In many instances, we are able to secure a reduced charge such as disturbing the peace infraction or a dismissal of all charges. If you are being charged with Domestic Violence there is hope. Call to speak to a Riverside domestic violence lawyer today.

How a Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help You!

Our Riverside Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys are excellent at helping people fight domestic violence charges. They can help you understand your options and pursue the path that is most likely to produce the results you want. With our team of in-house private investigators we can provide an investigation that proves your innocence. We are not afraid to take domestic violence cases to trial, if necessary. Our knowledge of the law and decades of experience with past cases will be of great aid to you in the legal process. Our firm is made up of some of the best domestic violence attorneys in Riverside.

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