At the Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates, you will find attorneys with extensive experience in defending clients charged with violent crimes. We know that many people charged with murder, manslaughter, or assault feel they cannot afford to hire a private attorney. At Earl Carter & Associates, a team of defense lawyers will review your case to determine all your options and the best way to defend your case. No matter what the charges are, your defense lawyer will be experienced in defending against them.

  • Murder
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault & Battery

Our violent crimes attorneys will examine the evidence to see if there is a case against you. They have the experience it takes to evaluate the case and determine your options. If the prosecution does not have the evidence needed, they will move for an immediate dismissal. If the evidence is not clear, they will challenge that evidence.

Was it properly obtained?
Is it circumstantial?
Should it be allowed in court?
We will have our own investigators look into your case, review the facts, talk to witnesses. At every step in the process, your criminal defense lawyer from Earl Carter & Associates will aggressively defend your rights.