If you are convicted of theft, robbery or burglary, you can be facing jail time and a criminal record that may affect future job or educational opportunities. The first step is to call an attorney with experience and a reputation for helping people charged with theft or burglary.

What are the charges against you? We will listen to your story, investigate the case, and recommend the best course of action to you.

Did your employer accuse you of stealing?
Embezzlement can sometimes be resolved without going to court.
Did the police accuse you of possessing stolen goods?
We will investigate how they obtained the evidence against you.
Have you been accused of a robbery?
What is the evidence?
We will help you determine the best option for dealing with the circumstances.
Depending on the case against you, our defense lawyers will fight to have the charges dismissed or reduced. They can also defend you in court or negotiate a sentencing agreement.