Have you been arrested for solicitation? You need a lawyer who can challenge the case against you, defend you, and protect your rights. If you are facing more serious charges such as child molestation or statutory rape, you need an sex crime defense lawyer backed by an experienced legal team. Whatever sex crime charges you are facing, talk to an experienced attorney from the Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates.

Fight your sex crime charge. Put our experience to work.
A sex crime conviction can be a problem for years to come, especially if the penalty includes sex offender registration. Don’t take chances with your freedom or your future. Talk to a sex crime attorney as soon as possible.

You may have been enticed or entrapped into a solicitation at a truck stop or on a city street.

Statutory rape:
It is against the law to have sex with a minor, even if it was consensual.

Spousal rape:
If your spouse said no, then you could be charged with spousal rape. It can sometimes be difficult to get to the truth.

Child molestation, child pornography:
The district attorney will prosecute vigorously.

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, call a defense lawyer to protect your future.