Juvenile Crime Attorney
Juvenile law is a completely different system than criminal law. A minor does not have the same Constitutional rights as an adult. There is no jury — only a judge. And there is no requirement for proof “beyond a reasonable doubt.” If your child has been arrested and is facing a juvenile court hearing, talk to a juvenile crime defense lawyer who will make sure your child is not rushed through a juvenile court system and into a juvenile facility.

A Juvenile Crime Attorney can help protect your child

What can an attorney do for your child? An experienced juvenile defense attorney knows the juvenile system and laws well. At the Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates, we will slow down the system so that there is time to examine what is best for your child. Our lawyers have experience negotiating with judges and prosecutors to reach a resolution that serves the justice system and the minor child.

Our defense attorneys will make sure the court knows and understands your child’s particular circumstances.

What led to the arrest?
What is the best way to deal with this problem?
What sentencing alternatives are available?
What is the best, most effective way to resolve this case?
Your child’s arrest could be an opportunity to take positive steps instead of incarceration in a state facility. Talk to a juvenile crime defense lawyer and tell him about the situation. Find out what can be done to help your child.