Many attorneys prefer not to go to federal court. Our federal criminal attorneys are different. At the Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates, our defense attorneys are willing and able to represent clients in federal court cases. They have determination and the experience necessary to offer clients effective legal services for federal crimes.

A Federal Criminal Attorney can represent you. Federal crimes have significant penalties, including long prison sentences and heavy fines. When your property is considered evidence, it can be confiscated. If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a federal crime, you need an federal criminal defense lawyer to protect you and your assets.

At the Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates, we keep our fees as low as possible so that you can afford to hire your own attorney. Your defense should be handled by a lawyer experienced in federal crime. Some of the charges that our lawyers defend against are

Drug trafficking
Bank robbery
Armed robbery
Internet fraud
Illegal reentry after deportation

A federal drug trafficking charge, a bank robbery charge, or any other federal crime can place you in a serious situation. Our lawyers have handled thousands of cases where a client’s freedom and property are in danger. You can afford an federal criminal defense lawyer from Earl Carter & Associates.