It happens more than you might suspect: Someone made a mistake many years ago, but has lived a lawful, productive life ever since. Unfortunately, that old criminal record restricts job and education opportunities. An expungement lawyer can help you clear your record.

Our expungement attorneys can represent you in federal court
You may want to look for a new job. Or you may have an opportunity for a new career, but an old criminal conviction prevents you from getting the necessary license. You may simply want to know that your criminal record is clear.
DUI expungement:
Did you have a DUI 20 years ago that keeps appearing on background checks and causes you to have to answer embarrassing questions? An expungement lawyer can helo you seal your criminal record.

Theft expungement:
Did a silly mistake in your late teens leave you with a criminal record? You may be able to have that charge expunged from the public record.

Felony to misdemeanor:
Did you commit a relatively minor offense years ago that was classified as a felony? We may be able to argue for a change in that criminal record.

Denied Expungement
Don’t give up. In many cases, we have asked a judge what would be required for an expungement. Then we have a case to go back when those requirements have been met.

Our experienced expungement attorneys know what it takes to apply for expungement. There is no reason to live with the embarrassment and inconvenience of a criminal record if you are eligible for expungement.