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Six Reasons To Choose Earl Carter as Your Aggressive Modesto Criminal Defense Attorney

Earl Carter has over thirty five years of experience defending clients against criminal charges. There is no substitute for that type experience.

Our attorneys are extremely talented at helping our clients avoid jail. We achieve this through acquittals, sentencing arrangements, or reduction in penalties.

In most cases, you don’t even have to appear to court if you hire us to represent you. We can often appear for you to fight your case while you are at work.

We believe we have handled more criminal cases in Modesto than any other firm in the past several years.

We are fighting cases in the Modesto court every day, and we are therefore likely familiar with the District Attorney and judge assigned to your particular case.

Our fees are very affordable and we offer flexible payment options. We make great representation available to virtually everyone who needs it.

Modesto Criminal Defense Attorney from $695

Undergoing criminal prosecution in Modesto can be a frightening experience. If you, or someone you love, are facing criminal prosecution, you need a Modesto criminal defense attorney with experience to fight for you. Earl Carter has been defending clients against criminal charges for over 35 years.

5 Reasons to Contact Us Today!

  • Avoid Jail
  • Let Us, keep you out of court
  • Let Us, fight to keep your record clean
  • Our fees are affordable – Payment Plans Available
  • Earl Carter Has Over 35 Years of Experience in California

Modesto Criminal Attorney

Our criminal Defense Attorneys at Earl Carter & Associates have been defending criminal cases in California for over 35 years. Our experience and knowledge encompasses all criminal defense practice areas including DUI, drug crimes, Petty theft, Burglary, Robbery, Three Strikes Cases, serious felonies, sex crimes,welfare fraud, domestic violence, traffic, tickets, and more. If you are facing criminal charges in Modesto you will want an attorney who has years of experience practicing exclusively criminal defense. Our Modesto Crimnal attorney practices crimnal law only. His entire career is dedicated to fighing to defend his clients to keep them out of jail, and keep their records clean. In addition, you will want an attorney with local experience. Modesto is a unique place. The politics, culture, procedures, of Modesto are not like other places. Consequently, you will want an attorney with Local Modesto expereince. You will want a criminal defense attorney who is an insider in Modesto. Our Modesto criminal defense attorneys have fought hundreds of serious criminal cases in Modesto over the past few years. We have accumulated quite the track record of success for our clients in Modesto. Call us and let’s discuss how we can do the same for you.

Stay Out of Jail with the Help of an Experienced Modesto Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Modesto criminal defense attorneys fight every day to keep our clients out of jail. We have literally saved hundreds of our clients in Modesto from jail time. We seek to avoid jail for our clients by securing dismissals, acquittals, and advantageous plea bargains. When some jail penalties are required, we seek jail alternative sentencing arrangements such as work release and electronic monitoring. Our Modesto criminal defense attorney is excellent at securing jail alternatives for our clients. Admittedly there are some cases in which jail cannot be avoided. But, we have had many clients come to us facing almost certain jail time, never have to go to jail. We attribute our success in keeping our clients out of jail to the local experience of our Modest criminal defense attorney and his willingness to fight for his clients. Call us today so we can fight to keep you out of jail. If you are afraid you might be facing jail time, you owe it to yourself to consult with our experienced Modesto criminal defense attorney.

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The Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates are located in the heart of Modesto CA to conveniently defend you against your Criminal, DUI and various other cases. We are the premier defense attorneys in Stanislaus County with years of Experience & thousands of satisfied clients. Tell us how we can help you, and call us today for a Free Consultation at (800) 500-5342. If you would just like to learn more about our services, take a look and browse below..

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