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Six Reasons We Are the Best Choice for and Aggressive Fresno DUI Attorney

Earl Carter has been Defending DUI cases in the California since 1975. This experience gives us a decided advantage.

We are confident that we win more DMV hearings than any other DUI law firm in Fresno County. We know how to win DMV Hearings for our clients.

If you hire us, you may never have to appear in court. In most instances, we are able to appear in court on behalf of our DUI clients.

We have handled more DUI cases in Fresno County over the past several years than any other DUI firm.

Our fees are affordable. On top of our low fees, we offer easy payment plans that your average Fresno resident can afford.

We are in your Fresno County Court almost every day. Consequently we are most likely familiar with the District Attorneys and Judges involved in your particular case.

Fresno DUI Attorney from $695

Facing prosecution for DUI in Fresno can be a frightening experience. If you, or someone you love, are facing DUI charges, you need an attorney with experience to fight for you. Earl Carter has been defending clients against DUI charges for over 35 years.

5 Reasons to Contact Us Today!

  • Avoid Jail
  • Let Us, keep you out of court
  • Let Us, fight to keep your record clean
  • Our fees are affordable – Payment Plans Available
  • Earl Carter Has Over 35 Years of Experience in California

Fresno DUI Attorney

We know how scary being arrested for Driving Under the Influence can be. We also know that the legal issues that arise with a DUI arrest can be just as scary. That’s where we come in. Our DUI attorneys are here to make the DUI process as painless and stress free as possible. With over 35 years of experience in California, we are able to do this very effectively. You need an experienced DUI attorney to devise an efficient and successful defense for your DUI. If you are facing charges for DUI in the Fresno area, our DUI attorneys are here to help! We are in court every day fighting for dismissal or reduction of DUI charges.

Stay Out of Jail. Avoid Going to Court, chose the right Fresno DUI Atttorney.

Our Fresno DUI Attorneys specialize in minimizing the consequences of your DUI and the resulting stress. This begins with getting and keeping you out of jail. In addition to avoiding jail, one of the many advantages to having an Earl Carter DUI attorney fight for your DUI is that in most instances, we can appear in court for you. Avoiding court appearances can significantly reduce the time, stress, and expenses involved in resolving your DUI case. Finally, our DUI lawyers have a talent for winning in court and DMV hearings. In most cases, we are able to get DUI charges dismissed or reduced, where appropriate, through aggressive representation during negotiations and trial

The right Fresno DUI Attorney can Save Your License

For many people facing DUI penalties, the potential License Suspension often causes the most problems. Fortunately for you, the Law Offices of Earl Carter are confident that we win more DMV hearings than any other firm or DUI lawyer in California. While many attorneys may be well prepared to represent you on your DUI in court, very know how to prepare for the DMV hearings. We stand out from the rest because we understand how the DMV hearings work and we are proven winners both in court, and in the Department of Motor Vehicles hearings.

You Have Only 10 Days From the Date of Your Arrest to Schedule a DMV Hearing.

When you are arrested for a DUI you will have your license confiscated and you will be given a pink temporary license. You have ONLY 10 days from the date of your arrest to schedule a DMV hearing at which a Fresno DUI attorney will challenge the potential suspension of your license. If you do not schedule a DMV hearing in time, your license will be automatically suspended 30 days from the date of your arrest. Do not miss the chance to have an experienced DUI Attorney fight for your driving privilege. Call us today and we can schedule your DMV hearing for you.

Fresno DUI Attorneys of Earl Carter & Associates

The criminal lawyers at Earl Carter & Associates have been defending criminal cases in Fresno, CA for over 35 years. Their experience and knowledge encompasses all criminal defense practice areas including dui, drug crimes, welfare fraud, domestic violence, traffic, tickets, and more. Earl Carter is the best Fresno Criminal Attorney and their criminal defense lawyers will aggressively defend your case. They have Spanish speaking Abogados en Fresno. Specifically with DUI’s, Earl Carter has been defending DUI cases since 1975 and they have more experience and win more DMV hearings than most any other DUI Attorney. Earl Carter is known as the best DUI Attorney in Fresno and provides assistance every step of the way.

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The Law Offices of Earl Carter & Associates are located in the heart of Fresno CA to conveniently defend you against your Criminal & Driving Under the Influence and various other cases. We are the premier defense attorneys in Fresno County with years of Experience & thousands of satisfied clients. Tell us how we can help you, and call us today for a Free Consultation at (800) 500-5342. If you would just like to learn more about our services, take a look and browse below..

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